Borris - Denmark


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Borriskrogvej 4 / 6900 Skjern / Denmark


300 to 3200 meters.

FFP overview:
  • 100 meter paper zeroing targets
  • steel targets at 300 – 3’200 meters (in 0.5 – 3 MOA in size)
  • Tall Target Test, MagnetoSpeed and Swarovski Spotting Scope available to shooters. 
  • Visual “Hit Indicators” from 600-3200 m
  • Kongsberg Electronic target system on range for 0.1 mm accuracy in drop. 
  • Windmarkers at every target
  • Caliber: All except .50BMG
  • 1st rule fo Fireams (treat every firearm as if it is loaded)
  • no muzzling / sweeping (point firearm, up of down)
  • If rifle is not used: bolt open, pointing in safe direction preferably with safety flag
  • Magazine out / not placed
The firearm bolt is only closed: when it is in use, or when it is transported in a weapon case. Before packing up: rifle is to be checked by range master.
  • Eat breakfast and prepare/bring lunch
  • Bring ammunition & gear for 1 day
  • Daily water (1-3 liters) / sunscreen / sunglasses / hat-hoody / rain coat
  • Behave as a guest
  • Help out your buddies with their gear
  • Have a flexible mindset (rain-> you might have to relocate your stuff)
  • Be late
  • Drink alcohol on the range

Denmark (DK) has a varied landscape. The land is on average 31 m above sea level. The longest distance from the coast (in the widest part of Jutland) is 52 km. The west coast of Jutland resembles the Dutch coast. In the south there are dikes with behind the mudflats. Here lies the most northerly part of the Wadden Sea with the 3 Wadden Islands Rømø (with a road connection) from south to north, Mandø (the smallest with 2 gravel roads leading to the shore that flood with high water) and Fanø with a short ferry connection to Esbjerg. North of Esbjerg and Fanø is a cove (the Ho bugt) with the islet of Langli. North of that again the coast has wide beaches and dunes with the highest not far from Esbjerg. The Ringkøbingfjord some 60 km north of Esbjerg is a haf (an inland sea with a narrow exit enclosed by an isthmus). The landscape behind the dunes is flat with many meadows and fields; in North Jutland interspersed with heather, swamp and planted coniferous forest. North Jutland is separated from the rest of the peninsula by a tidal area, the Limfjord. The northernmost tip of Denmark, Skagen, ends in Skagens Odde with behind it the sandbank Grenen that originated from the currents of Skagerrak and Kattegat. Here is, among other things, a nature center, designed by architect Jørn Utzon who also designed the Sydney opera house.



Please type “Borris, Denmark” when using accommodation booking sites like Trivago / AirBnB

Convenience Store

In the small town of Borris, only 2 km away from the range, there’s a convenience store with opening hours 0800-2000 and a pizzeria which closes at 2100.

Creditcard  and euro’s will be accepted everywhere in Denmark

Practical info

Rules for weapon permits in Denmark:

The ticket you receive after booking is your written invitation, which you must have in printed form when transporting weapons in Denmark. You also need EU Weapons Passport and the national weapons permit.

Each shooter has to book in his own name. If you are a group of shooters or a shooting club, then you can book with the same credit card, BUT you need to type in the name, address etc. for each shooter! This is due to Danish weapons transportation laws for foreign shooters.

Nearest Airport is Billund(BLL) only 40 km away from the range.