Praecisiam, Diutius, Magis Accurata

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Firearms experience in Italy

At One Mile Club, our firearms experience provides a structured and hands-on course set against diverse landscapes in Italy. Recognised as one of Europe’s premier shooting destinations, Italy offers both challenges and benefits to every participant seeking a genuine firearms experience. With our proven training methods, we ensure that every shooter gets the best out of their training.




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Unravelling the art of shooting during our firearms experience

We prioritise concrete skills and safe firearm handling in our firearms experience. Our courses for gun enthusiasts cater to a broad spectrum skill levels, from beginners to the experienced shooters. If you’re new to the world of firearms, our foundational beginner shooting course is a perfect fit. This easy-to-follow introduction course provides a supportive start. Led by our team of seasoned instructors, each session focuses on practical techniques and actionable feedback, ensuring that our participants develop robust shooting skills for real-world applications.



Pieter & Harry

Founders / Organisators / Instructors


Praecisiam, Diutius, Magis Accurata

"Praecisiam, Diutius, Magis Accurata" which means (more) precise, further away, more accurate.

Since 2009, we have the possibility to shoot EXLRS and give ELR shooting courses and wind classes for up to 25 participants per squad on our Extended Long Range shooting ranges. We shoot annually at more than 4 different locations with distances up to 3.200 meter. Our favourite locations are in Scotland and northern Italy, but we also visit locations in other countries like Belgium, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark..

In the past years we have had many guest-shooters at our firearms experience, from over 11 different countries. Our firearms training is known for our challenging shoots, great atmosphere and ever returning shooters. We love to field-test the latest high tech and innovative gear available on the market. Every shooter is welcome to join one of the shoots, and we will happily guide you through the process of achieving the most extreme distance hits that are possible with your chosen platform. We have all the tools and tricks to get you to that ultimate "hit". Every shooter that has managed to repeatedly hit the 1.600 meter target, earns the unique EXLRS "One Mile Patch".

We use a selection of the best gear currently available on the market for our firearms experiences. This gear includes high tech custom built rifles, the best factory rifles and the powerful and versatile .300 Remington Ultra Magnum cartridge, firing our own Dutch produced SSD Monolithic solid bullets and/or custom made extreme low drag bullets, the best optics money can buy and we always shoot in a shooter/spotter configuration.

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If you’re committed to elevating your shooting skills, One Mile Club is the place to do it. Sign up for one of our firearm training courses in Italy or explore other European options. This is more than just a shooting course; it’s an opportunity to master tangible skills in a professional and supportive setting. Register now and embark on your journey to expert shooting with us.