Long Range Introduction

Long Range Introduction

Not every shooter has been given the opportunity to shoot Long Range. This is why we offer free introduction lessons for beginners. This is your chance the learn from professionals and they will get you on target. This course is very ‘beginner friendly’ and even if you have little experience shooting beyond a 100 meters: you will be fine.

The topics are:

  • Understanding your rifle
  • Fundamentals: Shooter position and recoil management
  • Using a riflescope (clicks)
  • Wind basics (reading wind and effect of windspeed and direction)
  • Using a range card
  • Kestrel basic

The lessons will take place in the mornings of day 1 and 2 of the EXLRS event leaving enough time to shoot for yourself during the rest of the event. All classes are on the range (no class rooms). The lessons consist of about 10% theory followed by the direct implementation/shooting practice (90%) afterwards.

Experience, equipment and skills required:

A zeroed rifle (typically caliber 6mm and higher) for 100 meter. Any type of rifle scope.

After this course you will be able to:

Understand the possibilities of your weapon system (including your scope). Hit targets at known distances up to 1.000 meter with the help of a spotter.

Reservations and bookings:

Check out the Solid Solution Designs booking page to book this course.