Competitive ELR/ULR-Shooter

Competitive ELR/ULR-shooter: (KO2M/MO2K)

The topics are:

  • Shooter-spotter dialogue (competition style)
  • Ballistics: Master
  • Atmospherics: effects on bullet trajectory
  • Using holds: holding reticles: clicks versus holds (oriented to competitions)
  • In depth analysis of ammunition: requirements and tips, bullet selection and standard deviations/extreme spread
  • Using a Spotting scope for maximum efficiency
  • Understanding Probability of Hit (POH)
  • Practical tips from previous competitions
  • Know your ammunition: precision ammo is required for hits at ELR/ULR
All classes are on the range (no class rooms). The lessons consist of about 20% theory followed by the direct implementation/shooting practice (80%) afterwards.

Experience, equipment and skills required:

True ELR/ULR-passion

Competitive mindset

Several years of long range shooting experience.

Preferable 2.200 meter EXLRS-patch members

After this course you will be able to:

Excel at competitions and win prizes

Reservations and bookings:

Check out the Solid Solution Designs booking page to book this course. There are usually several courses per event. The courses are divided over the shooting season so this means that not every course might be offered for each individual event.