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Embarking on a beginner shooting course in Italy with One Mile Club is the best introduction to long range shooting. Our highly trained instructors are adept at introducing you to the foundational skills of long-range shooting. With their guidance, the seemingly complex art of extended range marksmanship becomes an attainable and fascinating skill.

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Master the basics with a beginner shooting course

When you opt for our beginner shooting course, you’re not just signing up for any regular training. Our introduction course is crafted with care, ensuring that every participant gets a deep understanding of the subject. With One Mile Club’s instructors by your side, every detail, from stance to trigger discipline, is elucidated with clarity. You don’t need any prior experience in shooting to enrol. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of firearms training for beginners, where we delve into the nuances of different long-range firearms, ensuring you get comprehensive exposure.

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Are you ready to challenge yourself and discover a new passion? Dive deep into the world of long-range shooting with us and sign up for one of our courses today. Reach out to us to learn more about our courses before signing up. Our experts will gladly tell you more about our firearms experience.

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