With this short packing-list, we are helping you guys to organize your trip to an EXLRS.NL event. Of course you can use this packing-list on every other shooting trip.

«The ranges are normaly sandy/dusty/muddy so everything can get dirty, wet, hot or cold»


  • rifle/bolt/magazine
  • dragbag / rucksack / hardcase
  • ammunition (+/- 100-150 rounds per day)
  • ammunition case
  • mounted optics (best allready zeroed in to 100 meters)
  • bipod / frontrest / specrest /tripod
  • rear-rest / beanbag
  • shooting mat
  • cleaning rod / cleaning kit / oil and patches
  • tools for your rifle
  • chamber saftey flag
  • shooting log (book / paper / pen)
  • ear & eye protection
  • bubblelevel

Depending on the range it could be that, you have to move the shooting positions during the day. This is the reason we would ask you to travel light from the hotel to the range. If you need a shuttle or you have to carry around your gear, you will be happy to followed our advice.


  • spotting scope and or binoculars
  • tripod for spotting scope
  • range finder
  • kestrel windmeter
  • wind ribbons
  • communication/radio
  • camera adapter to spotting scope or rifle optics


  • targets will be provided by EXLRS.NL
  • you can bring your own targets (and some spray paint)
  • paper targets for zero in your rifle


  • shooting clothes (pants / jacket / shirt)
  • hat / beanie / cap
  • raincoat / rainjacket
  • softshell
  • solid footwear (boots)
  • leasure time clothing for eating at a restaurant or hotel
  • underwear for several days
  • gloves (cold days) 

«Keep in mind weather can be harsh. So pack enough clothes so you can change if they are wet, ripped, or sweaty.»


  • pavillon (sun- or rainprotection)
  • water and food (normaly not provided by the range – bring your own)
  • camera 
  • sunglasses
  • sun protection 30-50+
  • smart phone charger
  • medikit
  • painkiller
  • flashlight 

We are looking forward to see you at one of our events. Send it.