Below you will find a basic packing-list that you can use for your upcoming EXLRS event. 

“The ranges are normaly sandy/dusty/muddy so everything can get dirty, wet, hot or cold”


  • rifle / bolt / magazine(s)
  • dragbag / rucksack  for range-sue, hardcase for travel
  • ammunition (+/- 100-150 rounds per day, leave the rest in your accommodation)
  • ammunition cases
  • mounted optics (allready zeroed to 100 meters)
  • bipod / frontrest / specrest / tripod
  • rear-rest / beanbag
  • shooting mat
  • cleaning rod / cleaning kit / oil and patches and scope cleaning kit
  • tools for your rifle (to remove screws, bolts, stuck cases, re-mount scope and adjust scope-turrets)
  • chamber saftey flag if available
  • shooting log (book / paper / pen)
  • ear & eye protection (recommended: 3M ComTac noise cancelling head phones)
  • bubblelevel mounted if shooting >1.000 meters

Depending on the range you will potentially have to relocate to a new shooting position during the day. This is usually once a day. Therefor we would like to ask you to travel light from your accommodation to the range.


  • spotting scope and / or binoculars
  • tripod 
  • tripod adapter plate
  • range finder
  • kestrel windmeter


  • targets will be provided by EXLRS
  • you can bring your own targets and spray paint (no human figures allowed)
  • paper targets to zero your rifle

Clothing – weather dependent- 

  • shooting clothes (long sleeve shirt / pants / jacket)
  • hat / beanie / cap
  • raincoat / rainjacket
  • softshell
  • solid footwear (hiking boots)
  • leasure clothing for restaurant dinner
  • shooting gloves

“Keep in mind weather can be harsh. So pack enough clothes so you can change if they are wet, ripped, or sweaty.”


  • tent / pavillon (for sun- or rain protection). Note: this has to be easy to setup and wind-resistant 
  • stool / chair (small and light)
  • water and food for a day (normaly not provided by the range – bring your own)
  • camera 
  • sunglasses
  • sun protection 30-50+
  • smart phone charger or USB-battery
  • medkit for small cuts and bruises
  • painkillers
  • flashlight 

We are looking forward to see you at one of our events. Send it.