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Embarking on a gun safety course in Italy offers a blend of expertise and scenic beauty. Under the guidance of One Mile Club’s trained instructors, participants are introduced to the essentials of safe firearm handling. These professionals ensure that every attendee grasps the paramount importance of gun safety while enjoying the picturesque Italian backdrop.

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The importance of taking a gun safety course

The very act of holding a firearm comes with immense responsibility. A gun safety course is not just a recommendation—it’s a necessity. Understanding the nuances of firearm operation ensures accidents are prevented and confidence is instilled. During this course, you will learn to safely carry, load and shoot a gun at a scenic range in Livorno, Tuscany. Besides this crucial course, One Mile Club offers a range of firearm training options. For those new to the world of shooting, the firearms training for beginners serves as an ideal starting point. For those seeking a more advanced challenge, we offer a advanced long range course, tapping into deeper shooting intricacies.

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Enrolling in one of our firearms experiences guarantees a comprehensive understanding of weapon safety. With expertise and dedicated training, you’ll navigate the world of firearms with confidence and caution. Sign up today to learn how to handle firearms with the necessary knowledge and respect for your surroundings.

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