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Considering firearm training in Italy? One Mile Club offers practical courses in Livorno, set against the straightforward backdrop of the Tuscan landscape. This setting provides a reliable environment for learning and applying shooting skills. With a combination of expert instructors and top-notch facilities, we ensure an effective training experience.

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We offer a variety of firearm training options

Our firearm training encompasses a broad spectrum of courses tailored to individual needs. Whether you’re a newcomer looking for a basic gun safety course or someone aiming to refine their shooting techniques, we cater to all. Specifically, our long-distance shooting training covers several skill levels, with courses like:

Our instructors bring years of experience to the table, ensuring you receive current and practical knowledge. With a mix of theoretical lessons and hands-on sessions, you get a holistic firearm experience. Every course is designed with the learner in mind, ensuring progression and confidence-building.

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If you’re serious about improving or starting your journey in shooting, One Mile Club is the place to be. Our focused and informative courses offer clear instruction and actionable lessons on various ranges in Europe. Sign up now to secure your spot and begin your firearm training in a structured environment.

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