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A rifle introduction in Italy with our experienced trainers offers the perfect start for those who are new to long range shooting. At One Mile Club, our skilled instructors provide clear and comprehensive guidance to ensure you grasp the fundamentals right from your first lesson. With a structured rifle introduction, you’ll be set on the right path. Situated in the heart of Italy, our courses combine stunning vistas with world-class training.

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Understanding your rifle with a comprehensive introduction

Every enthusiast remembers their first time using a rifle. The significance of a rifle introduction cannot be understated, especially for novices. Safely handling and operating a rifle is paramount. We offer a myriad of courses tailored for gun enthusiasts of every stripe. If you’re new to the sport, our beginner shooting courses are expertly crafted to ease you into the discipline, ensuring a robust foundation. Additionally, a rifle introduction sets a foundation of respect and understanding for the tool’s power and precision.

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